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Data Rates

Shared Data Rates

Data Committed

Committed data is pre-purchased data and charged at the rate of $1.10 per GB.

Shared data rates are suited to most people as our network is always kept under 30% saturation. Read more on our network.

Data Committed

Uncommitted data is overage data and is charged at the rate of $2.20 per GB.

Uncontended Data Rates

For those wanting a dedicated line we can offer a fully redundant, Australian wide network with a 99.95% data SLA. Dedicated data is currently available in our Melbourne CBD and West Melbourne data centres as well as 90% of Australia data centres. Services can be delivered Australia wide with last mile via Fibre, DSL or MicroWave.

*Above Pricing applies to provider network connected buildings only. Cross connect fee may apply

1 Mbps: $400 per month
5 Mbps: $375 per month
10 Mbps: $350 per month
20 Mbps: $300 per month
50 Mbps: $250 per month
100 Mbps: Upon Application

1:1 Burstable Uncontended Data

Ensure your business never slows down with our uncontended 1:1 burstable data plans. Plans are based on usage and are burstable to 100 Mbps (1 Gbps available).

1TB: $1.50 per GB
2 TB: $1.40 per GB
3 TB: $1.30 per GB
4 TB: $1.20 per GB
5 TB: $1.10 per GB
15 TB: Upon Application